MADO clock operation and maintenance manual

Wall clock MADO is a technically complicated product that requires careful handling. Before using the clock, it is necessary to read the operating instructions. The clock is designed for continuous operation in a room at a temperature of 1 to 45 ° C and relative humidity of 30 to 80%. The hands are mounted by the wheel on the body of the movement in the indicated direction.

The clock is designed for a long service life. If you want your clock to work reliably and keep a high accuracy for the entire lifetime, the following rules should be observed:

  • Protect the clock from falls and bumps.
  • Do not remove the movement. Protect the clock from interference, dust and dirt in the movement, which can cause it to stop or dramatically deteriorate its accuracy.
  • Protect the clock from the effects of aggressive media (water ingress, household chemicals, etc.).
  • Do not use alkaline batteries (Duracell, Energizer, etc.)