Always unique and hand-made MADO links ancient Japanese concepts and philosophy with modern perception of the world.

MADO clocks are made of precious sorts of wood: cedar, beech, platan. Dials are made of glass, ceramic, bamboo, quartz sand, and imitations of insects and plants.

Some models are created in “Bonseki” style – an ancient Japanese art of creating miniature landscapes on black lacquer trays using white sand, pebbles, and small rocks.

MADO models are exclusively designed, manufactured in limited series, and are 100% hand-made. Each clock has it’s own name and keeps heart-warmth of masters, who made it specially for You.

Each clock expresses a certain meaning and eternal virtues: happiness, spirituality, love, self-improvement…

The meaning of clocks is also expressed in haiku – short but deeply emotional classical Japanese poems.

The world famous Mado clock was founded in 1995. The brand regularly take part in various prestigious international exhibitions held in Tokyo, Frankfurt am Main, Basel, Munich, Prague, Lyon, Moscow, Kiev, Hong Kong and became winners of various nominations